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When Somethings Just Not Right...

After I had decided on a title for the new collection I thought that was it, and I'd be up and going. OH, how wrong I was, and I couldn't get to grips with the reason why. I have been busy - a community project, some teaching and other projects as well as being in the workshop, but I'm always busy - that wasn't it. Then last night I finally admitted to myself that the title wasn't working for me.

Theatre - yes. The drama, cast, acts, characters, types of plays, themes, scenes, fact mixed with fiction - all yes. Loads of scope and freedom, but still enough to tie all the pieces and stories together to create a collection.

Remembrance - NO! Too fixed, serious, static, immovable, stagnant, steeped in death.

I knew I hadn't wanted the collection to be too much about the dead, but more a living breathing theatre of memories, so that's what I'm changing it to. Theatre of Memories.

I dont know if it sounds daft, but it feels comletely cathartic to just say right that's not working, I'm changing it! Also, it feels very public (even if only 2 people read this - Grant and my mother-in-law, it's still 'Out There'!) - to say that I'd not been right, but sod it. I feel happier, the makings going again, the stories are flowng, and I'm back on a roll. Second time lucky....

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