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Michaela McMillan - About Me

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Parables and The Good Life


I make bold, colourful sculptures using recycled materials, creating a next life for unwanted objects. 


My work is influenced by a childhood of parables with hidden messages, and parents with a ‘Good Life’ philosophy  - Grow Your Own, Make Your Own and Recycle.  It makes me smile to remember.  I’m sure it was was often done out of financial necessity but that mentality has stayed with me.  

I was named after a wildlife documentary filmmaker, Michaela Denis, and as my namesake I have always been inspired and curious about animals and nature and fascinated by their exuberance and fragility. 


My collections are statement pieces intended to be playfully serious, that hold parables about our lives today within them.  They start as pages of words and ideas, and are interpreted using recycled and found objects with decoupage, assemblage and stitch.  The pieces are visions of my imagination mixed with realities, depicting scenarios of animals, people and nature. 


My artworks are flirtatious sculptures with hidden secrets for your home.  They add a colourful twist and talking point to make your space unique and eclectic.  They focus on telling stories through unusual materials, to become objects that are cherished, loved and bring you pleasure. 

If you'd like to hear about new work and special events that are coming up please subscribe to my newsletter,  I  would love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Michaela x



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