About Me

Photographs by Fiona Murray

Storytelling in a sculptural form is at the heart of my practice, collaging together memories, facts and fiction.  The narrative flows through highly coloured and layered bases, up into a mixed media and found object assemblage, often preserved in glass domes. 


My collections are feminine, figurative, curious, shrine-like, and often feature animals and nature.  I have a joyful exuberance of connecting the fragility of natural materials like flowers and feathers, with the imperfections and irregularities of broken and discarded objects. 

Themes of my work combine imagined stories with a concern over materials which physically last a long time, but are treated as disposable items in todays society.  


With a background in embroidery, my work tends to be intricate, ornate and emotional. 


© michaela mcmillan 2019                  

Photography by Paul Lapsley