About Me

I create one-off elaborate sculptures for interiors, that are a mix of fact and fiction.  The inspiration comes from whats going on around me, mixed with parables and stories shared with me from childhood into adulthood. At college I studied embroidery, and loved working with textiles, but decided to expand and use mixed media after I receiving Arts Council funding to develop my practice.  Ten years later and my pieces are more detailed than ever before!


Alongside my domed compositions, wall sculptures and animal artworks, I love to collaborate with other artists and organisations, and deliver workshops and community projects.  

All my work is made using recycled materials, found objects and donated treasures.  I focus on telling stories through the eclectic materials, giving them a new life and value, to become objects that are cherished, loved and unique.

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Email - michaelamcmillan@hotmail.co.uk  

Image © michaela mcmillan 2020    |     Photography by Paul Lapsley