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Pineapple World

A far flung island where animals live and collaborate peacefully

3 Sisters Charm the Camel

Wall shrine decoupage and found objects

Midnight Grazing at the FlowerBloom

Wall sculpture

Wall Piece

Everyone Listened When Cedric Ruffled His Wings

Cedric - detail

Wall Piece

Pineapple Series

Wall pieces / dishes

Friendship and Love

Wall Hanging / Pendant

Wall Cherubs
Wall Sculpture

Something New Every Day (Archive)

Wall Sculpture - detail

All Our Weddings (Archive)

Wall Sculpture

Too Much To Choose From (Archive)

Wall Sculpture

In a Moment Holding Time (Archive)

"I'm the biggest fan of this amazingly talented artist, Michaela McMillan.  The pineapple is just amazing" - Delpine, France

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