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The Sisters Spectacular Circus

The Sisters Circus story is woven in the myths and folklore of people running away to join the circus and being embraced by a strong adopted family who look after their own and don’t break rank. An all female cast are masters of their own destiny.  They have escaped lives of heartache and despair to come together offering support and friendship to each other.  Each works to bring out the best in another, and small instances of wonder happen, which are seen only by those who are looking for them.


In this collection I started to introduce more animals, as was the case in circuses of old.  However in this troupe, the animals often lead the act, and there is a mutual trust and concern between the Sisters and their companions.


Each of these pieces have a richness to their palette, with influences coming from the idea of a Big Top, fairground rides, bright lights, noise and laughter.  The figures are exotic, curious and glamorous.  They have an alluring fascination in their avant-garde lifestyle and appearance.  I used lots of feathers in this collection, thinking of burlesque fans hiding secrets, and the sense of flight and abandonment of conventional lifestyles and rules.


All of the pieces are titled and signed, and made using recycled materials, found objects, hand-cut papers and are encased in reclaimed glass domes.  The story of each one comes in a small handmade book together with care instructions.  The pieces vary in height from 27cm to 55cm.

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