The Horse Leapt and Flew - Hand Cut Paper Decoupage Wooden Dish

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The dreamlike imagery of a horse flying with exotic birds in a far away land is inspired by fairy-tales of enchantments and anything being possible. The horse wasn't always a horse. He was once a Prince. Before the Prince he had been a giant. Before the giant he had been a unicorn. That's how he knew that anything was an option if you tried hard enough. He'd had enough of being ridden by others, and knew that if he just could only just jump high enough, he would sprout wings and start his next metamorphosis. This captures when he realised that moment.

The reverse of the wall dish is a collage of floral patterns, where it is signed and titled.

This dish has a wooden fruit shaped reclaimed base, and is firstly covered with Paper Mache, to soften the contours of the shape, and then decoupaged with hand cut papers. The images are collected from books and magazines. There are 3 layers of pictures and each is sanded before the next is applied to create a surface rich in depth and smooth to touch.

It has a hook on the back to hang on the wall, is approx. 23cm x 11cm x 5cm and weighs 120g.

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