Tiger Tianna

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Tiger Tianna

10cm x 14cm x 6cm

Tianna was distressed by conflict but as she prowled in the jungle she witnessed constant discord. Her patience was wearing thin when she came across a particularly bullish lion. She shook her ancient armour, the air shimmered and the lion was reduced to trancelike state. She packed him up and kept him under control, dressing him in floral’s to match her own attire.

The tiger is a discarded toy and the lion is a cake topper. They are both embellished with collected textiles, jewellery, dried flower components and beads. They hasve also been dressed with decoupage, paint and gold leaf. She has a jewelled rear end and a textile tassle neckpiece and painted nails.

All my pieces are individual and one-off - as I only work with recycled and reclaimed objects I never know what I am going to find. If you are looking for something particular, please ask - and I'll start looking!

Free shipping in the UK, please use my contact form to enquire about overseas shipping. All packaging used is recycled.

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