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Elephant Lady Luka, Polar Jasper & Ash the Swan

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Elephant, Polar and Swan

17cm x 12cm x 12cm

Part of the Theatre of Memories collection - A Play of Transformations

Swan Ash was born white but as she grew, her plumage turned black. Jasper's skin turned black the older he got, but his skin was covered white fur. Lady Luka the elephant was jealous of their transformations and so created her own metamorphosis, and the swan and bear tweaked it whenever something fell off. They cast weird shadows as they marched along together with trumpets, roars and honks coming from everywhere.

The elephant and polar are discarded toys, the swan is ceramic. They are embellished with collected feathers, textiles, jewellery, dried flower components and beads. I have also dressed them with decoupage, paint and foil leaf. They have vintage Indian textiles and painted hooves.

All my pieces are individual and one-off - as I only work with recycled and reclaimed objects I never know what I am going to find. If you are looking for something particular, please ask - and I'll start looking!

Free shipping in the UK, please use my contact form to enquire about overseas shipping. All packaging used is recycled.

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