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Constance Comforts Creatures

A collaborative project, this piece was a response to the beautiful felted work of Laura Mabbott.

Caroline and Lucy Lead the Exodus

Collaboration with ceramacist Kate McBride for the Synchronise II exhibition at the National Centre of Craft and Design. This collection was created 5 times, and shown at NCCD, Unit Twelve, Focus Gallery, Designers Guild and Fosse House Gallery.

Horse Tower

Alistair, Eddie, Fred, George, Olga and Kippy Collaboration with Kate McBride

Brexit Bulldog

Collaboration with Kate McBride

Mermaid and the Fish

Collaboration with Kate McBride

Eartha Watches From the Shadows

Collaboration with Sharyn Dunn


Collaboration with Sharyn Dunn

"Constance Comforts Creatures has arrived!  The mix of media used is amazing everything from feathers and dried flowers to glittery penguins.. its like having a little bit of Wonderland in the living room!! " - La Toya, UK

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