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Privacy Policy

I take your security seriously, and understand the legal obligations I have when dealing with the privacy of your information and am committed to protecting that privacy.


If you supply any personal information to Michaela McMillan there is a legal obligation towards you in the way the data is used. The information must be collected fairly (it must be explained what this information will be used for and how it will be kept) and directly from you, and must not be shared with anyone else, unless you request that I do so.


If you sign my contact form on this website I will only use it to send out occasional newsletters or alerts about new work, shows and exhibitions.  These will be sent through Mailchimp, and are in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.  You are able to unsubscribe from this at anytime by clicking the unsubscribe button at the end of the email.  If you have any difficulty with this you can contact me and I will remove your details from the mailing list and my records.  


If you make a purchase from me any of artwork - from an animal sculpture, an embellished card, or a storytelling sculpture to any piece at an exhibition or event, I will ask if you would like to receive updates about new work and events and ask you to sign to confirm that I have asked you, and that I may keep your details for this purpose. I use PayPal at events and fairs, and never see your bank details, and would only have access to your name and email if you chose to share it.  If you make an online purchase, I will ask if you would like me to keep your details, and only do so if you agree.  I hold addresses and names only.  I do not hold payment details ever.  Any information is password protected in a separate file on my computer.  Names are also kept separate from addresses.  


If you contact me with enquiries, these details are kept, password protected on my computer.  


No details are shared with other parties.


You may request details of the information that I hold related to you, or that I update this information, or that I delete it.

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