Sleepy Heron Pineapple

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A sleepy heron rests with legs stretched out and certain nonchalance on a cold morning. His feathers are fluffed around him as he contemplates summoning up the energy to go hunting for his next meal, but right now he’s content.

I love the subtle colours in this piece that at first feels neutral and pale, but actually has a riot of colour with the pinks, yellows and subtle greys and blues.

This dish has a wooden pineapple reclaimed base, and is firstly covered with Paper Mache, to soften the contours of the shape, and then decoupaged with hand cut papers. The images are collected from books and magazines. There are 3 layers of pictures and each is sanded before the next is applied to create a surface rich in depth and smooth to touch.

It has a hook on the back to hang on the wall, is approx. 30cm x 14cm x 1cm and weighs 120g.

Free shipping in the UK, please use my contact form to enquire about overseas shipping. All packaging used is recycled.

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