Secret Play at the Coral Pond

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Decoupaged Hand Carved Wooden Dish for the Wall

50cm x 19cm x 6cm

On a full moon when the dark of night is replaced by an otherworldly glow, creatures play and explore. Midnight blooms glimmer from the ethereal light, bought to life each lunar cycle. This secret pond is exotic and welcoming with unknown adventures to unfold. The birdsong reaches a crescendo, the animals play reaches delirious heights, and as daylight approaches the magic fades until the next full moon.

The Joy of Seeing a Full Moon

Part of the Army of Joys Collection

The hand-cut papers are collaged together with 6 layers of papers covering the wooden base, 3 of paper mâché to soften the edges of the object, followed by 3 layers of images to create a depth to the finished exterior. Each layer is sanded before the next to maintain a smooth surface. This is finally painted over with three coats of seal to protect the surface and create a smooth to the touch surface. It has a hook on the centre of the back to hang on the wall, and is signed and titled.

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