Nature Lost and then Danced Again

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Hippo roaring with ballet dancer and duck on his back sitting on a plinth of toucans and polar bears.

Part of the Legion of the Lost and Found collection

25cm x 15cm x 10cm

The terrains were being squeezed from every side. Jungle, deserts, and mountains – everywhere, everyone was feeling the influx of mass migrations and conflict broke out. The hippo growled deeply and a silence followed. Nature danced over the gathered throng and they all felt lighter. The carnivores started to crave vegetation, the flightless could hover, the solitary edged closer to companions, and Nature breathed again as they adapted.

The Hippo is a discarded toy, embellished with collected textiles, jewellery, dried flower components and beads. She sits on a wooden object covered with handcut papers , with more toys, ceramic birds and a ballerina cake toper. They have also been dressed with decoupage, paint and foil leaf. She also has an Indian textile collar, and painted hooves.

All my pieces are individual and one-off - as I only work with recycled and reclaimed objects I never know what I am going to find. If you are looking for something particular, please ask - and I'll start looking!

Free shipping in the UK, please use my contact form to enquire about overseas shipping. All packaging used is recycled.

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