Kangaroo Taxi

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Kanga Taxi and the Stowaways

24cm x 18cm x 10cm

When Taxi set off with Sookie in her pouch, she hadn't realised her Joey had plotted with her friends. Taxi bounded away from the plains she had called home for the last time and felt a flutter in her belly. She knew she couldn't be pregnant again, and just thought it was the prospect of the unknown. They were moving to escape strangers who were taking over their land. She peered inside her pouch and found a chick nestled inside. Sookie laughed as Taxi discovered her joey on her back, a Meer cat on her tail, a bird on her shoulder, and a pygmy stork complete with baby perched in hiding. She continued to bounce onwards, but took a slightly less hazardous route.

My pieces are individual and one-off - as I only work with recycled and reclaimed objects I never know what I am going to find. If you are looking for something particular, please ask - and I'll start looking!

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