Golden Ram BigHorn

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19cm x 19cm x 7cm

BigHorn was sombre, serious, austere and antisocial and he struggled in social settings. His son could not have been more different - playful, inquisitive and cheerful. But they were both fearless, and made a great team. LittleHorn did the talking and BigHorn provided gravitas in the background.

The Joy of Complimenting Each Other

Part of the Army of Joys Collection

BigHorn was a discarded table decoration, and is now embellished with collected feathers, textiles, jewellery, dried flower components and beads. She has also been dressed with decoupage, paint and silver leaf. LittleHorn was a discarded toy that has also been embellished.

All my pieces are individual and one-off - as I only work with recycled and reclaimed objects I never know what I am going to find. If you are looking for something particular, please ask - and I'll start looking!

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