Giraffe Judith and Orla the Swan

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Judith and Orla

12cm x 17cm x 10cm

Judith was getting older and becoming more forgetful. She sometimes wandered off from her herd and they had to spend hours searching for her. They dressed her in her brightest jewels - she loved the attention and the pampering. Orla the swan had lost her mate, and was forlorn. The herd suggested she look after Judith and she enjoyed the companionship. Orla was also ferocious if unknowns approached attracted by the glinting jewels, and would attack to the death.

The giraffe is a discarded toy, embellished with collected textiles, jewellery, dried flower components and beads. Orla is a ceramic head of a tiny flower vase which had been chipped. They have been been dressed with decoupage, paint and gold leaf. The giraffe has a collar from vintage Indian textiles and painted hooves.

Giraffe greeting cards are also available in my shop.

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