Flight of the Seal

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Glass domed sculpture - mixed media, decoupage and found objects. Height 33cm x 20 cm diameter, and includes the story as a book.....

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Sasha wanted to explore. She wanted to see beyond her beach. Beyond her sea. She wanted to see more colour. More species, more of the world.

Her inquisitive nature was dismissed by her parents, and laughed at by her peers, but it remained her primary focus. Finally the day had come and she decided enough was enough and she was going crawl up the beach, away from the water and towards the land. She passed the lion seals stationed to watch the pod, and ventured towards the treeline.

A gibbon, Luna, had seen the strange creature heading towards the jungle and had sounded the alarm. Monkeys, lemurs, and gibbons roared welcome from the edge of the jungle. Luna greeted Sasha with flowers and a crown of colour - the likes of which she had not seen before. The gibbons had watched the seals from afar for years, and they were in awe of their fishing techniques.

Luna struck a deal with Sasha, and promised to bring her gifts from the jungle, if Sasha took her fishing.

Returning to the beach with a gibbon on her back raised Sasha’s standing in the community, and she was now considered daring and special and a bit of a star. The friendship between the seal and the jungle animals grew, and soon they were exchanging goods regularly, realising that together ness was a much more rewarding way to live.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep out of direct sunlight. Use a glass cloth to shine the dome, and a soft cloth to dust the base. Keep on discovering hidden stories inside…

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