Benji and Claude Share Hannahs Curry

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Glass domed sculpture - mixed media, decoupage and found objects. Height 16cm x 15cm diameter, and includes their story as a book.....

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep out of direct sunlight. Use a glass cloth to shine the dome, and a soft cloth to dust the base. Keep on discovering hidden stories inside…

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Benji and Claude were both victims of the exotic animal trade. They had been stolen from their mother and shipped to order to homes in Dubai and France.

Benjihad been bought on the promise of him being a white tiger. When his coat turned golden his owner had become disenchanted with him. He had been left in a cage with little food and water and was completely unloved.

Claudehad been bought by a businessman in Dubai, to breed with a female in a private zoo. However Claude was so traumatised by the whole experience as a cub, he simply refused to perform.

Hannah rescued both cats. She set up crowd funding sites to raise the funds and travelled to pay for their freedom. She booked them into a rescue sanctuary to recuperate before being released back into the wild.

Hannah was very down to earth, and gentle. She talked, and petted, and tried to get the magnificent creatures to eat. Nothing worked for several days, until they detected the aroma of her homemade curry. Their roars of approval at the first taste were deafening.

The curry put a fire in their bellies, and Hannah set to work in the kitchen creating mouth-watering concoctions using fresh ingredients and secret spices.

The curry diet improved Claudesvitality, and he became a big hit with the ladies. Benji just loved Hannah and breathed fire in delight when she approached. They wandered freely in the wild, returning to the sanctuary for treats seasoned with chilli.

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